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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece of prehistoric wildlife, look no further because we’re giving twenty lucky people a rare and exclusive NFT of the first feathered dinosaur uncovered in the world. Interested? All you need to do is enter your VAULT profile link for a chance to win. If you’re not registered on VAULT (500px’s NFT website) you can sign up here.  

Sinosauropteryx was the first confirmed feathered but non-avian dinosaur discovered. Its discovery is a major academic event since Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, which strongly proves that birds really evolved from small theropod dinosaurs.

Sinosauropteryx lived in what is now northeastern China during the early Cretaceous period. The first fossil specimen of the dinosaur later named Sinosauropteryx prima was uncovered in August 1996 by Li Yumin. This fossil can be found in the world-famous Geological Museum of China which has more than 550,000 geological specimens, covering dinosaur fossils, famous ancient human fossils, precious paleontological fossils and more. China Dinosaur Land, known as “Oriental Jurassic” due to its concentrated collection of dinosaur fossils including the  “Lufengosaurus huenei” and “Shantungosaurus giganteus” also houses the famous “Sinosauropteryx” fossil. 

The digital image of Sinosauropteryx reproduces its shape, posture and living environment based on the holotype, by using CG visual methods from digital modeling to skin reconstruction. It aims to call more attention to the significance of dinosaur fossils through the visualization of the fossil “reviviscence” method. This study of dinosaur fossils provides a unique opportunity for people to understand the changes we experience in the human living environment.

Contest Details 
The contest runs from September 22, 2022 until September 29, 2022. Winners will be selected at random. Must have a valid VAULT account and wallet address to win. Winners will be contacted by September 30 via the email address associated with their VAULT account. 

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