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Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed

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The Insta360 One R proved that the action camera could be redefined. Today Insta360 announced the Insta360 ONE RS, and this new camera features a 48MP Sensor, built-in stabilisation and innovative active HDR. 

What made the Insta360 One R stand out from other action and 360 cameras was that it was truly modular, and now, building on the format, comes the ONE RS. As with the ONE R, the ONE RS features a three-part design; battery, process and lens unit. 

The big features for the Insta360 ONE RS new core and the three lens modules that give you plenty of scope to get creative. 

Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed 12

The first of the lens modules is the 360 camera. 360 video capture has been at the heart of the Insta360 business, and because of the company’s experience, this is one of the most intuitive 360 solutions out there. The next lens is the traditional action module, ready to capture fast action wide-angled footage in any situation. Finally, Insta360 has added the ultra high resolution 48MP 1/2-inch Sensor high performance 4K boost lens for optimal quality. 

Powering the new ONE RS is a new powerful core that offers greater processing to handle the enhanced stabilisation, audio and visuals.

If you’ve already invested in the One R system, you’ll be pleased to hear that the new units are all fully backwards compatible, so if you want to upgrade piece by piece, you can. 

Insta360 ONE RS is available to order today via and select retailers worldwide and Amazon US

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Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed 13

Insta360 ONE RS 4K Boost Lens.

As new product features go, the new 4K Boost lens is big, especially considering the camera’s size. The new lens module features a 1/2-inch 48MP Sensor to deliver 4K video at 60fps and 48MP still images. 

On offer with this new module are two new modes. The first is active HDR, designed to keep up with the action and avoid ghosting, a common issue with action camera HDR. This new model also features built-in video stabilisation for HDR as well as other modes and will enable you to capture the highlights and shadows better as you thrash through those sun-drenched forest trials. 

6K widescreen mode is the next big feature, enabling you to capture cinematic shots in a classic 2.35:1 ratio.

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Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed 14

Insta360 ONE RS Full 360

The 360 Lens brings the Insta360 ONE RS back to the 360º heart of the company.

Again designed as a neat plugin module, the 360 lens replaces the 4K boost module and, once powered on, is ready to use. 

Insta360 know how to make things simple when it comes to HDR, and from the capture to the editing, it’s a streamlined process that anyone can do.

All 360 footage is captured in 5.7K, enabling you to capture the action from every angle. What makes this 360 video stand out is the ability to choose and edit your favourite angles with the advanced editing software.]

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Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed 15

Insta360 boost built-in stabalisation

An enhanced core enables the Insta360 ONE RS to step up when it comes to RAW processing power. The new CORE module increases the amount of data the camera can handle.

Insta360’s proprietary FlowState Stabilisation is now hardware-enabled; this means that footage can be processed and shared faster than ever. Another great feature of this new processing power is the ability to auto-level the footage through the desktop app, further enhancing your movies and helping to reduce time editing. 

Faster, easier, stronger. 

As with any action camera, they’re the device you want with you to capture the action wherever you are. The Insta360 ONE RS is made with a rugged design and is IPX8 waterproof to 16 feet. While the camera is tough out of the box, Insta360 has expanded the accessories available with a host of additions that can boost the camera’s protection, battery life, audio quality and much more. 

Upgrades to the CORE include: 

  • An additional mic for crisp and true-to-life audio
  • 50% faster WiFi, for easy mobile file transfers
  • An Instant Zoom function for digitally zooming in up to 2.7x while recording videos
  • A Quick menu for easy access to preset shooting modes

Editing made easy.

Alongside the camera and modules are a full features app for iOS and Android and a desktop app. 

The app incorporates powerful AI-powered features to help you quickly enhance and edit your video and stills. 

App features such as Snap Wizard enable you to move your phone to pan around 360 footage or swipe with your finger to change the camera angle; you can then export that as flat footage.

Suppose you’re looking to clone or create stop motion. In that case, Shot Lab is constantly updated with new AI editing effects such as Cinelapse, which adds cinematic transitions between clips to create next-level hyperlapse.

FlashCut again uses AI to locate the key moments from your footage and then edits them together for you. This feature has several different themes, from action highlights to travel vlogs. 

Not everyone likes to edit their footage on their phone; if that’s the case for you, then Insta360 also provide a desktop application and powerful plugins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

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Insta360 One RS: price, specs, release date revealed 16

More than an action camera.

When you arrive home from your adventures, or even if you just want to catch up with friends and family whilst away on your adventures, the Insta360 ONE RS can be linked into a computer and used as a webcam. A small additional feature that’s nice to have.

Available Now

Insta360 ONE RS is available to order today via and select retailers worldwide and Amazon US

As a modular system, several purchasing options are available. 

The Twin Edition includes the powerful combination of the 4K Boost Lens and 360 Lens and offers the best value at $549.99. 

For users looking to upgrade their wide-angle action cam setup, the 4K Edition retails for $299.99, while the 1-Inch Edition retails for $549.99. 

The Core, battery and Mounting Bracket are also available to purchase. 

Support for the 4K Boost Lens with the ONE R Core will come in a post-launch firmware update.

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